About Us

Auster is a fashion brand that works directly with Argentine designers and artisans to curate collections of high-quality leather pieces. Our collection of bags are all handmade and hand-painted in Argentina with the finest quality hand-sourced leather. 

Each Auster handbag will have its own story to tell, but the first Auster handbag started as a story of love. For many years, Auster co-founder, Sarina, carried a gorgeous, handmade, blue bag she received as a gift from Argentina. From day to night, New York to Paris, casual to dressy outfits, the bag went with her, all the while maintaining its beautiful, unique qualities.

When Sarina finally went to Argentina, she searched every market and store for her favorite leather bag. She had no luck, but did meet Enrique, who would later become her husband. Over the years, Enrique recognized the quality craftsmanship of his wife’s Argentine bag and, after a long search, Enrique found the artisan who made it. For over 30 years, this artisan has been perfecting his work making each of his pieces true works of art.

It is with this story of love and appreciation of all things exquisite that Sarina and Enrique founded Auster, which in Latin means "the south wind," to share the artisan’s beautiful pieces as well as the work of other talented Argentine designers.

Auster bags are available on our website or at our showroom in New York.